Your costs

Monthly Recurring Fees

Individual Membership – $30 per person

Included Services:


Any additional services provided will be charged to the patient in accordance with cash-pay policies of Franklin Medical Center.


The Total Package

Giving the power back to you

To truly ensure that you and your family achieve full and affordable access to an entire range of healthcare services, from basic primary care to specialists to hospital and emergency care, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with our business and health insurance experts at Franklin Medical Center. During this consultation, we can assist you in evaluating your actual utilization of healthcare services, as well as your risk of consuming services in the future. We then can use this information to help you in making an informed decision about purchasing the appropriate and most cost-effective package for you and your family.

Through working with our experts, we can show you how to gain access to much higher quality care, as well as much more appropriately align your costs with your current consumption and risk of future consumption. Call 318-255-3223 today to schedule your consultation.