What We Provide

Commitment to Quality

At Franklin Medical Center, we are so committed to delivering the highest quality available in healthcare that we have staked our business on a healthcare model based on just that. For us, it doesn’t matter how many patients we see in a day. It doesn’t matter how many tests we run on you. We get paid the same. Our goal is to provide you with unlimited access to comprehensive and consultative healthcare.


Our Services

At Franklin Medical Center, you will experience healthcare in a way that you have never experienced it before, and as it should be. At Franklin Medical Center, your healthcare is affordable, convenient, reliable, and of the highest quality. Our highly trained and licensed providers focus completely on helping you reach optimal health and resistance to disease. Your provider will take the time to interview you, listen to you, answer your questions, and provide medical care customized to you and your particular needs. As a patient of Franklin Medical Center, you have access to services covering a wide variety of health issues including: